How Gutter Cleaning Prevents Pest Problems

Clogged gutters are excellent homes for pests. Gutters provide shelter from the environment, still water that pests crave (especially mosquitoes), and a plentiful quantity of rotting matter that may be utilizes to build nests.

This set of characteristics causes your gutter a surprisingly attractive spot for pests, insects and rodents. Regardless of whether you invite them or not.

Fortunately there are various ways to keep these squatters from taking up residence in your gutters the most obvious of which is regular gutter cleaning from Leaf Police LLC.

Pests, Insects & Rodents That Can Make Their Home Inside Gutters

There are plenty of creatures that will make your guttering their home given the opportunity. Not all are immediately off putting but they can still wreak havoc on your real estate. Frequently found gutter critters include:

  • Mosquitoes.
  • Rodents (including mice, rats and squirrels).
  • Roaches.
  • Birds.
  • Bees, wasps and hornets.
  • Other Insects.

And the damage that clogged gutters may do may lead to other infestations as well including carpenter ants that can do considerable damage to your home.


Mosquitoes are hated the world over. They like to settle and breed around still water, meaning blocked gutters the perfect location for them to breed. Mosquitoes breed predominantly in the summer and hunt for blood.

While plenty of insects should be gratefully received in your yard mosquitoes are not. Mosquito bites cause anything from moderate irritation to a serious allergic reaction and they carry many of nasty diseases.


Many rodents are nocturnal but you may usually notice them scurrying through your gutters. Moreover if you can hear them in your guttering the likelihood is it won’t be long before they make their way into your property.

Mice and rats are never far away plus they will try to find a way inside for food and shelter when the weather gets cold. Chipmunks can appear cute as they are leaping and climbing in trees but they could be detrimental when it comes to your property and are happy to find their way into your roof where they are able to create damage and make a mess.


Cockroaches should live for ages without eating yet they can’t survive without water meaning they prefer to live amongst the damp leaves and twigs in your guttering. Cockroaches are tough, breed quickly and can carry numerous illnesses and parasites, so if you discover them in or near your property you should call pest control as soon as possible.


Birds are drawn to gutters, they make a really good spot to land thus if your guttering isn’t regularly cleaned there will be a ample quantity of insects to eat and matter to make nests.

Many folk like to welcome birds into their backyards however your guttering is not the spot you would ideally like them to set up home. The constant noise is more of a nuisance than a risk to your health. However bird droppings may create issues for your home as well as being unattractive.

Bees, Hornets and Wasps

Bees, wasps and hornets are commonly found in guttering due to the fact that they like the moist surroundings. They generate a problem because their homes can be weighty bringing about damage and they may be territorial resulting in you getting stung.

Problems You Will Often Experience if Animals Make Your Gutters Their Home

Having critters make their homes in your gutters isn’t just about the annoyance. They are able to spread diseases and generate severe damage to your home.

Damage from pests and clogged guttering may include:

  • Rain Water damage to the sides of your property and the roof line which gives ingress to more pests.
  • Broken gutters as a result of the mass of nests and leaves and twigs.
  • Wiring and insulation gnawed by rodents.
  • Damage to finishes and woodwork from bird excrement.

Not to mention the potential risks to health from critters that bite, sting or carry parasites.

Squirrels and other rodents delight in chewing through wiring and munching on insulation. Plus mice as well as rats are quite comfortable to make your property their own, eating your food and leaving their droppings and urine around your property.

Birds could look like innocent invaders however their nests create obstructions, they are disruptive and their excrement may be both unsightly and can damage paintwork and woodwork.

Carpenter ants may much through your home to make their homes which if not noticed can create structural harm that can be difficult to fix.

How Gutter Cleaning Can Avoid Pests

Cleaning our guttering is one of those chores that will easily get put off or forgotten. However it’s an crucial part of property maintenance.

We all understand that clogged guttering stops water from draining away leading to damage to your property. Rain water damage can result in damage to the outside of your home, damage to the roofline and damage to walls, in particular if rain water gets trapped and then freezes.

Cracks and crevices may then provide a house for critters not limited to mosquitoes and carpenter ants. The decaying twigs and leaves likewise provides great nesting material for all sorts of creatures.

Prevention is vital when it comes to stopping critters from making your guttering their haven, as when they have taken up residence they can quickly do severe damage to your real estate as well as be time consuming to have removed.

As well as keeping guttering clear you may maintain the area around your home, maintaining trees and other plants to help prevent creatures from getting in.

Ensuring your gutters are clear makes way for the free flow of rain water and avoids stagnant pools that encourage pests. You are furthermore limiting nesting matter for other pests.

As well as cleaning out gutters you could also consider putting gutter guards in place to prevent the accumulation of rotting matter and avoid creatures getting in in the first instance.

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