How Does Gutter Cleaning Prevents Roof Damage?

Obstructed gutters could cause damage to your property in many places including the foundations, walls, interior and roof. For these reasons its important to never go to long between hiring a gutter cleaner for gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Clogged gutters can cause the appearance of mold and cracks and subsidence at the foundation level of your property due to the fact that rainwater that should be carried safely away from the foundations is allowed to pool and seep into the soil at the foot of your walls.

Excess water running down the side of your home can also result in issues from the facia boards (the wooden boards that attach the guttering) down. If you have wooden cladding this will deteriorate faster and may rot or the paintwork could be damaged allowing water to slowly seep into your building. Likewise window frames will be exposed to more water and are more likely to rot.

Rainwater entering you roof or walls could then lead to mold and damp that could go unnoticed for some time especially if it is behind wallpaper or furniture.

And it’s not just wooden houses that suffer, you might also notice moss growing between bricks or stonework. This may show there is a problem with your gutters.

Going further up the building, obstructed gutters could also cause damage to your rafters. This can be due to pest invasion, water ingress or rotting and cracks to the structure of the roof.

How Blocked Gutters Can Cause Roof Damage

Clogged gutters can cause roof damage in a variety of ways.

Roof Leaks and Sagging

Clogged gutters will prevent the free flow of rain from the roof which may result in problems such as leaks and sagging. A leaking roof can not be noticed for a considerable amount of time and cause damage to your electrical installation, as well as mold and cracks in the ceilings, even causing them to collapse.

Gutters are made to carry rain off the roof and away from your building. If gutters become obstructed the rain pools against the roof for long periods of time that, over time, can start to damage the structure of the roof allowing water access to the inside of the property.

And it’s not just damage to your roof, water leaks will also damage the interior of your property, requiring you to replace ceilings and quite possibly replace furniture that has sustained damage.

The problem can often be that even small leaks can result in much bigger problems as the damp they result in provides an ideal environment for mold and mildew which may result in not only structural and cosmetic damage but could have a severe impact on your health.

Trapped water may freeze and expand causing more damage to the roof, thus many leaks will at first be caused by ice dams created by obstructed gutters.

Pests Using Your Gutters

Clogged gutters could also develop into a habitat for pests which may be a nuisance, a risk to health and damage your home in many ways.

One of the most damaging pests are termites. They may eat any wood they find including the rafters the support your roof. A termite colony could do substantial damage before they are discovered and in extreme cases can even result in you roof collapsing meaning you really don’t want to give them a place to breed.

Indications that you could have termites include drooping rooflines or ceilings, the presence of termite wings or dead termites, if you see termites swarming, and loose tiles.

Maintaining your gutters can discourage termites and other pests from setting up home however, it is still a good idea to inspect your roof often to check for evidence of termites as not all species require the same levels of moisture.

Clogged gutters may also attract birds as they provide a bountiful supply of nest material and a sheltered spot to build a nest. Birds might seem like guests we want to invite to our gardens, their presence can cause damage to your roof.

Bird poo is really acidic that could degrade paint as well as in large enough volumes it may be corrosive enough to weaken tar and degrade roof tiles.

Attracting birds with bugs and next material can also lead to them making their homes in your chimney and even inside your attic if they are able to find a way in, that may result in damage of things that are stored there. You’ll usually hear if you have birds living in the attic but ideally you want to prevent them moving in to begin with.

Frequent gutter cleaning could also be an ideal moment to check that any points of entry for birds or other pests such as rodents have been sealed.

Clogged Gutters Present a Fire Risk

Finally, blocked gutters may be a fire risk. Firstly a large number of dry leaves and twigs may provide the perfect tinder and secondly rain seeping into your building may come into contact with electrical wires causing them to short circuit potentially creating sparks.

How to Unclog Gutters and Prevent Roof Damage

Unblocking gutters is not hard and needs to happen regularly, ideally twice a year. However, while it may be a simple job it is time-consuming, can be dangerous, and you need a big ladder and a head for heights, so it may be a job you would rather pass on.

When you have got rid of all the leaf matter run water along the gutters flushing through any last bits and ensuring that gutters are flowing freely, water isn’t pooling anywhere where gutters have started to sag, and that darinpipes are not blocked.

If you notice that water is not flowing freely down the drainpipes you may need to use a plumbers auger.

Ideally gutter clearing should be undertaken twice a year in autumn and spring. This also gives an ideal opportunity to inspect your roof for damage checking for signs of invaders, leaks or structural damage.

To reduce the need for gutter clearing you may consider having gutter guards installed to limit debris getting into your gutters to begin with.

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